Actress Park Eun Bin Does Not Drink Coffee, Somehow

Park Eun Bin never drinks one thing.

Through a video, the YouTube channel “Eunbin Support” told people about Park Eun Bin.

In the video, Park Eun Bin was moved when she saw the food truck that her fans had set up for her.

She put her hands together and said, “You’ve had a hard time, haven’t you? Because we got ready for this.”

Then Park Eun Bin looked at the fan questionnaire and answered each question one by one.

Someone was asked, “Do you like coffee?” Park Eun Bin said “No” in response. “Because it was ‘bitter’, that’s why“.

And the way she explained it was brilliant. “It was said that knowing the bitterness of life makes coffee sweeter, but it’s still bitter,Park Eun Bin wrote.

Park Eun Bin took about 7 minutes to carefully fill out the questionnaire.



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