Fans Were Worried Over Aespa Winter’s Current Health Condition That Was Observed In A Latest Video

The health condition of the group Aespa Winter caused fans to worry.

On July 17th, a netizen posted a picture of Winter and worried about her health on the online community Nate board .

The netizen who wrote the article said, “I couldn’t come out on schedule because I was ill a while ago, but there are only three people in the music room without Winter, so I perform with ringers. At Bubble, they said, ‘I think everything is better because I see the fans’, but if I face her again due to health problems, she doesn’t attend the fan signing event, and later, she sends me a bubble again saying, ‘I’m sorry for disappointing you.'” He released a recent photo of Winter.

In the published photo, Winter had a clear Ringer’s mark on her arm. Fans who read the post commented, “I wish SM could manage it better” and “It’s amazing that you don’t get a single tee even when you’re promoting with Ringer.”

Meanwhile, Aespa made a comeback with the second mini album ‘Girls‘ on the 8th.



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