2 Photos Of BTS V And Bestfriend Park Hyo Shin Showing “Bromance” Went Viral

BTS V showed off his ‘bromance’ while going to see his best friend Park Hyo Shin’s musical.

On the 18th, Park Hyo Shin uploaded a picture with a cute emoticon to his Instagram account.

In the published photo, there is a two-shot of Park Hyo Shin and V, hugging each other and gently closing their eyes.

It seems that V came to support Park Hyo Shin, who is currently appearing in the musical ‘The Man Who Laughs’. 

On July 17th, musical actress Kim So Hyang also showed her excitement by posting a photo taken with V and Park Hyo Shin on his SNS.

Park Hyo Shin and V, who boast warm visuals, are famous as representatives of the music industry. They also performed a surprise duet in January.

At that time, V drew attention by briefly revealing Matt Maltese’s ‘Less and Less’, which he sang along with Park Hyo Shin, on his Instagram story. 

The two showed off their addictive cave voices, properly exploding the listeners’ gurgasm.

Lyricist Kim Ina also appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and mentioned the friendship between Park Hyo Shin and V.

Kim Eana said, “When Park Hyo Shin and V meet, they only talk about music like a lie. They are completely young musicians, so they sang and played.” 



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