Netizens Spark Online Debate Over Tzuyu’s Contribution To TWICE Following Groups Successful Contract Renewal

Tzuyu, the youngest member of TWICE, generates controversies regarding her abilities.

On July 12th, it was announced that all members of TWICE had renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, much to the delight of ONCE (fandom of TWICE). The members even revealed that they are also close as a family, which moved both fans and the general public.

As TWICE continued their illustrious career, however, many Internet users began to question the talent of each member, particularly Tzuyu.

According to them, Tzuyu has never truly specialized in any “idol skill,” including rapping, singing, and dancing, and other than her undeniable visuals, she lags behind the other members.

Recently, a Korean netizen began a discussion about Tzuyu‘s talent in which they claimed that she is “the least talented TWICE member” This popular topic described Tzuyu as “an average dancer with little facial expression” and referred to her as “stiff,” “lacking,” and “not that outstanding.”

Under the topic are a variety of controversial opinions from other netizens, with some agreeing with the original poster and others defending Tzuyu by stating that her appearance is a crucial factor in TWICE‘s success.

These individuals asserted that Tzuyu is the most deserving idol, that she never feels out of place in TWICE, and that the popular girl group would not be the same without her.

Below are some comments made by netizens on this topic:

  • Tzuyu may not be a leading vocalist or dancer, but she has a distinct function within TWICE. In 2019, she was voted the most beautiful woman in the world. Additionally, she is a top visual of Kpop’s third generation and was voted the most beautiful woman in the world in 2019.
  • Stop requiring TWICE to be professional dancers and singers?! Tzuyu was selected for the same reason as the other members. She is not completely useless.
  • Visuals are a form of talent in Kpop. Is it not obvious that Tzuyu‘s attractiveness contributes significantly to TWICE‘s success?
  • I must concede that I find Tzuyu lacking. Her visuals are acceptable, but I prefer Sana and Mina‘s fancam.
  • Under what type of rock have you been living? Tzuyu may not be an exceptional singer or dancer, but she is an essential member of TWICE and performs admirably within the group. Her visuals are consistently praised by both domestic and international media, so you might as well have your eyes examined.
  • I never consider TWICE to be an exceptionally talented group. Observing them as a group is entertaining, but if you separate each individual, they become less impressive. There are only three truly talented members in TWICE, in my opinion.



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  1. Oh grow up Internet Judges! This group is successful as 9 members, and I am pretty sure the other members will disagree with the negative comments towards their little sister. This reminds me of the Rolling Stone Korea article of Blackpink, when it said that mocked Jisoo’s talents within the group, and only considered Lisa’s position as “Exotic”. I don’t know these 2 ladies, but it is the same thing. Tzuyu is part of Twice, and does contribute to the success of Twice.

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