Son Ye Jin Gives A Glimpse Of Her Cooking Skills, Makes Homemade Pizza for Husband Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin‘s “eat everything” hunger is the reason why actress Son Ye Jin‘s cooking skills keep getting better and better.

Son Ye Jin has recently gotten a lot of attention from her Instagram, where she shows how to make and authenticate different kinds of food, from Korean to Western.

Son Ye Jin, who displayed her cooking abilities with photos of kimbap and oven-baked pizza, was overjoyed and said, “I cook a lot these days“.

Son Ye Jin‘s incredible cooking skills got a lot of attention, which made Hyun Bin jealous. Hyun Bin in particular is known to eat a lot of different things without trying to hide what he usually eats. This made him stand out more.

In the past, when asked what kind of food he likes, Hyun Bin said, “I eat everything well.” He also showed off his anti-war charm by saying that he had easygoing tastes even when he was in the army.

Netizens replied, “Son Ye Jin will be full just by looking at Hyun Bin eat,” and “Son Ye Jin makes it all taste good.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married last April, and Son Ye Jin is currently pregnant.



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