Former AOA Member Shin Ji Min Inked An Exclusive Contract With Alo Marlo Entertainment

Former girl group AOA member Shin Ji Min has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency.

On July 14th, her agency Alo Marlo Entertainment announced that they had recently signed an exclusive contract with Shin Ji Min.  

Through her agency, Shin Ji Min said, “I’m going to greet you at my new home. I’ve thought a lot and have had time to reflect on myself.”

Shin Ji Min‘s new profile picture was also released. In the published photo, Shin Ji Min is exuding her charm with her unique atmospheric gaze.

Previously, Shin Ji Min withdrew from the team voluntarily in 2020 due to conflicts with former AOA member Kwon Min Ah.

In January, her agency FNC Entertainment announced the termination of her contract, effectively halting her entertainment activities.

Shin Ji Min debuted as a member of the group AOA in 2012 and was loved with hit songs such as ‘Short Skirt’, ‘Short Hair’, and ‘Only For You’.

Recently, she continued her music activities quietly by releasing the song ‘Suddenly‘ through her Instagram.



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