“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Reportedly Getting An American Remake

The Wednesday-Thursday ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which is causing a syndrome craze, has been offered a remake in the United States.

JTBC Entertainment was informed on the 14th by a drama official “Due to the extraordinary success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, overseas remake proposals have already begun to surface. The Korean drama ‘Good Doctor’ was remade and produced in the United States, with a doctor previously diagnosed with autism playing a prominent role. The US side was more active in the remake, as it held the top spot in US viewer ratings on ABC channel through season 5 “.

In response, another drama production official stated, “In the United States, it seems obvious that ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ will work (for American viewers) based on the knowledge gained from ‘Good Doctor’“.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” the most popular Wednesday-Thursday drama, is rewriting the history of the ENA channel by altering its ratings with each episode. It began with 0.948 percent (Nielsen Korea national standard) in the first episode, doubled to 1.805 percent in the second episode due to word of mouth, then jumped to 4.032 percent in the third, 5.7 percent in the fourth, and 9.138 percent in the fifth. Based on metropolitan area ratings, the fifth episode is an invitational hit with 10.297 percent and 5.2% viewership in 2049.

It won the hearts of viewers not only in Korea but also abroad, and was ranked first in Netflix’s non-English TV category. On the “Global Top 10” chart compiled and released by Netflix, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ranked first in the non-English TV category with 23.95 million views between April 4 and April 10. The gap between first and second place is also considerable. Compared to the second-place Mexican drama “Control Z Season 3,” which garnered 18.08 million views, it exceeded 5 million hours.

Additionally, fame is on the rise. It topped the Good Data Corporation‘s weekly rankings of TV topical dramas for two weeks in a row. Moreover, the topicality index increased by 197 percentage points compared to the first week of the broadcast, demonstrating the significant word-of-mouth effect. Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh were ranked first and second, respectively, in the drama category’s topical category for actors.

The fifth episode aired from 18,000 won before the start of the broadcast to the 33,000 won range by the morning of the fourteenth day.



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