Some Netizens Criticize Aespa’s Winter For Being Disrespectful To The Fans And Upon Attending The United Nations

Aespa’s Winter was embroiled in controversy over her untimely attitude.

On July 10th, on the YouTube channel ‘Taldeok Camp’, a post titled ‘Controversy over the attitude of Aespa Winter broadcasting, scenes that caught on while dating’ was published.

On this day, the YouTuber mentioned Aespa Winter‘s appearance on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View“, which aired on the 9th.

A YouTuber said, “Yesterday, Aespa appeared on a TV show by revealing their dorms.”

In particular, the YouTuber pointed out, “The point is that only Winter did that among the four members.

In the broadcast capture that was released, Winter is constantly looking at the phone. 

In particular, in the capture, Winter bought a meal to eat with the members, but did not eat it, but only looked at the phone, drawing attention. 

At that time, the MCs who were watching this in the studio during the recording of ‘At the time of War’ also asked Winter, “Why don’t you eat?”

In this situation, the YouTuber said, “Recently, Winter has been strangely obsessed with cell phones. When she went to the airport for the US showcase, she waved her hand roughly once and talked to the fans, unlike the other members who greeted fans.” he said. A photo released by a YouTuber shows the situation.

Another YouTuber explained, “Winter is using a cellphone not to scroll down while surfing the web, but rather typing and keeping in touch with someone

Regarding this, the YouTuber said, “Common sense, it doesn’t make sense to bring a cell phone to record a stage. Anyway, if you want to dance, you have to leave your cell phone behind, but it is not right for the attitude of a celebrity who is filming a broadcast other than giving out a romantic tea. I never sent a ‘bubble’ to her,”.

Earlier, Bubble is a paid service application that allows you to chat with your favorite celebrities like messengers.

A YouTuber also criticized Aespa, saying, “Aespa recently gave a speech to the United Nations, and even at the United Nations site, Winter was unable to let go of her cell phone and was chatting Kakaotalk.” “Isn’t this serious?”

Netizens who saw the video commented, “If I were the manager, I would have knocked the phone down”, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a phone touch only during a broadcast”, “It’s not my own content, and it was really hard to touch only my phone during the broadcast”, “No, this is a love problem. No, it’s just the attitude,” “I usually leave my phone behind before filming begins”, “It’s okay to touch my cell phone, but it was really bad that I didn’t send the bubble for two weeks.”

Other netizens also commented, “I don’t know anything else, but if Homma suddenly deleted his account, there must have been something”, “It’s winter boyfriend NCT’s Jaehyun. Let’s not hurt each other and we hope it lasts a long time.”



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