Park Bo Gum’s Past Behavior Towards Disabled Fan Has Resurfaced, Showcasing The Actors’ True Personality

Actor Park Bo Gum boasted a unique personality.

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW,” which aired on July 13, looked at the “guilty human” stars that captivated fans.

Park Bo Gum was ranked sixth on the day. MC Boom introduced, “Park Bo Gum has been on the controversy over his personality in the past“, which caused questions.

It was a fan signing event for a clothing company in 2017. After the event, Park Bo Gum moved to the audience and drew attention. It was to greet a fan who was not feeling well.

On this day, Park Bo Gum greeted his guardian and made eye contact with the fan with a friendly look. He even gave a hug as a thank you for coming to visit again.

MC Lee Mi Joo, who heard Park Bo Gum‘s heartwarming anecdote, applauded with admiration.

In addition, when asked “Park Bo Gum vs. Hanhae“, she answered “Park Bo Gum” without hesitation, drawing laughter.



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