Fans Determined Idols Who Proudly Wore the Strangest and Most Unusual Outfits in K-Pop

K-pop idols make fans laugh or cry when they wear out-of-the-ordinary clothes. 
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Korean idols are always praised for their beautiful beauty and outstanding talent. 

Their fashion style also has a great influence on the fan community, creating a trend that thousands of people follow. 

However, many times K-pop idols choose to wear out-of-the-ordinary outfits and strange combinations.


ITZY wears sneakers and princess dresses in the recent comeback teaser. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Recently, ITZY has released a teaser for the upcoming comeback to the music race.

However, the members of the group attracted attention when wearing princess dresses and sneakers.

 This seemingly out-of-the-ordinary but very disruptive combination of the stylist from JYP Entertainment has helped ITZY make a strong impression in the hearts of fans, complemented by a new, less cheesy look than before.

The unique combination of the stylist from JYP Entertainment helps the group make a good impression. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Currently, fans are looking forward to ITZY’s return with a new song and album. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment)


Rosé once caused controversy when mixing skirts with jeans. 
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Previously, Rosé (BLACKPINK) was controversial when she wore a skirt and jeans. 

However, this style of the female idol then created a trend, worn by some other idols such as Jessica, Naeun (APINK) and fans.

However, this out-of-the-ordinary style of the BLACKPINK female idol then created a trend. 
(Photo: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

Jessica received many compliments when coordinating this outfit in this outlandish direction. 
(Photo: Instagram @jessica.syj)

However, not everyone is honored when learning this trend. 
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Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene wore over-the-knee boots while wearing jeans. 
(Photo: Osen)

During an appearance at the airport, Irene (Red Velvet) made fans laugh and cry when wearing knee-high boots. 

The female idol’s style is unique and looks trendy. 

This is also a style fan can learn to combine with jeans without being boring.

The fact that male idols wear skirts is probably not strange to fans. It looks out of place, but fashion is limitless. 

Therefore, Mark (NCT), Jimin (BTS), G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Hongjoong (ATEEZ), Soobin (TXT) or Ren (Nu’est), Kai (EXO) have all tried the layout of this costume.

Mark tried to mix men’s clothes with skirts, but the results were not appreciated. 
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G-Dragon is not ashamed to be the “fashion king” with the best outfit and charisma. 
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Jimin “apron” when wearing a skirt with fur shoes. 
(Photo: HYBE Labels)

Jimin “apron” when wearing a skirt with fur shoes. 
(Photo: HYBE Labels)

Kai is funny when he wears a skirt with jeans. 
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