Netizens Are In Love With Actor Im Si Wan’s New Long Hairstyle

On July 10, the cast of “Emergency Declaration” appeared as guests on “Business Trip 15 Night” on YouTube.

All actors, which included Im Si Wan, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Nam Gil, Kim So Jin, Park Hae Jin, and Han Jae Rim, were dispatched on the same day.

On this day, Im Si Wan displayed his extraordinary aura among the great actors and attracted the attention of a large number of people simultaneously.

Im Si Wan, who recently grew out his hair, revealed his pristine face and overwhelming visuals.

Following the broadcast, “Im Si Wan’s Visual“-related posts were made on various social networking sites and online communities, attracting attention.

Netizens responded, “He’s a cartoon character,” “He’s really attractive,” “I saw the video earlier and it was crazy,” and “Why aren’t you aging?” “He’s in male god mode,” “He’s really handsome,” “He’s even good at acting,” and “His hair is attractive due to the shape of his face.”

Meanwhile, “Emergency Declaration” is a movie about a plane that declared unconditional landing in the face of an unprecedented disaster situation.

It will be released on August 3rd.



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