Actress Seo Hyun Jin Confidently Shows Off Her Bare Face In A Recent Vlog, And She’s Stunning

Even when she took off all her makeup, actress Seo Hyun Jin showed off her goddess-like beauty.

On July 10, the official YouTube channel of Management Forest posted a Vlog video of Seo Hyun Jin staying in Gangwon-do to film the SBS drama “Why Her.”

In the video, Seo Hyun Jin talked about how she gets ready for the drama shoot, what she eats, and how she gets ready for bed.

Many fans were drawn to this Vlog because of how beautiful her face is without makeup.

After filming, Seo Hyun Jin went back to her room, changed into more comfortable clothes, took off her makeup, and finished the rest of her day’s tasks.

Seo Hyun Jin washed her face carefully with eye makeup remover, cleansing water, and cleansing foam.

Even after she washed her face, Seo Hyun Jin looked nice, which wasn’t too different from how she looked with makeup on.

Even without makeup to make her features and blood vessels stand out, her white skin was enough to make fans take notice.

Seo Hyun Jin went to bed after putting on toner and essence. This was her basic skin care.

In the video, Seo Hyun Jin ate the abalone earthen pot in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, and acted like a “eating show dreamer.”

At the end of this article, you’ll find a Vlog video of Seo Hyun Jin‘s normal appearance.



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