Song Ji Hyo Reveals The True Story Behind Her Short Hair Cut

Song Ji Hyo, an actress, showed off her refined beauty.

On July 10, Song Ji Hyo posted a few photos to Instagram, but she didn’t say much about them.

In the picture that was made public, Song Ji Hyo is wearing sunglasses and is dressed up. She has short hair that brings attention to her small face. Song Ji Hyo‘s fans are drawn to her because she has a nice smile that makes them feel good.

Recently, Song Ji Hyo got a lot of attention when she talked about how she styles her short hair.

She showed up on Studio Waffle‘s YouTube videos “Turquoise on the Block” and said, “To be completely honest, I had a lot to drink and cut it. I suddenly got angry after drinking. I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” and when I ran out of toothpaste or makeup, I used scissors to cut them” she admitted.

Song Ji Hyo, meanwhile, is currently on SBS’s “Running Man“.



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