Netizens Worry that Kim Se Jeong Came Back Too Quickly with “Today’s Webtoon” After “A Business Proposal”

After all the excitement over “A Business Proposal“, Kim Se Jeong will be back on screen at the end of July.

After “A Business Proposal” became a big hit earlier this year, the main couple Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop got a lot of attention and new jobs right away. While Ahn Hyo Seop is still filming a new drama, his co-star Kim Se Jeong is busy with her comeback.

Kim Se Jeong‘s new drama, called “Today’s Webtoon“, won’t be out until a little more than a month from now. At the moment, a number of still cuts, teasers, and behind-the-scenes videos have been released so that people can get an idea of what Kim Se Jeong‘s role will be.

Kim Se Jeong plays a character who used to be a judo athlete and is now a webtoon editor. This character has a happy personality and cute looks. Since this is the actress’s strongest role, the audience has high hopes for her next show.

Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon Soo, two of her co-stars, are both good actors, so the audience has full faith in the acting skills of the main actors.

On the other hand, the drama was a hit when it first came out in Japan, so viewers are sure that “Today’s Webtoon” will be interesting. Even so, a lot of people were still worried about this project.

The reason for this is that Kim Se Jeong‘s character in “Today’s Webtoon” is happy and likeable, just like Shin Hari in “A Business Proposal“.

While people were waiting for Kim Se Jeong to make a big break, she decided to play the main role in “Today’s Webtoon,” which is a role she has played before.

Also, the production of this drama moves so quickly that people haven’t had time to forget how beautiful Shin Hari looked in “A Business Proposal.”

Also, the projects Kim Se Jeong has worked on in the last few years are all based on webtoons. So, people are worried that she won’t be able to try out many different types of roles.

Kim Se Jeong started out as an idol. She became better known after she started acting. After a long and hard time, “A Business Proposal” brought Kim Se Jeong fame at the start of 2022.

Currently, Kim Se Jeong is a well-known name. In addition to Today’s Webtoon, she is also confirmed to be in “The Uncanny Counter 2,” and it is said that she will play the female lead in “Sweet and Sour Chicken,” starring Cha Eun Woo.



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  1. I agree that it is too quick and that they’re giving her the same roles. but mostly, I worry that portraying a happy character after another might be too tiring for her. It’s tiring to be happy all the time. I remember in one radio interview for her promotion of the Plant album, Sejeong mentioned wanting to play a haughty/mean character too. Shin Gheumhi was sort of like that but not really, so I hope Sejeong gets other roles that she wants.

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