Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out That “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Star Kang Ki Young Is Already Married

Viewers are surprised to learn that actor Kang Ki Young, who is receiving favorable reviews for breaking his “life character” in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” was married for four years.

Kang Ki Young portrays Jeong Myeong Seok, a senior lawyer with 14 years of experience, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which has the highest viewer ratings in the history of the ENA channel.

In the drama, Kang Ki Young meets Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) at the law firm Hanbada and, through lively acting that transcends reality and fantasy, reveals the gradually changing human side of Myeong Seok.

Many individuals were surprised to learn that Kang Ki Young was married in 2019 despite the fact that he has a large number of devoted fans.

Kang Ki Young married a non-celebrity who is three years younger than him in May 2019.

I was congratulated on becoming a father after two years of marriage a year ago.

When fans learned that Kang Ki Young was married and had a child, they said, “I’m starting to do better now” and “I heard that he was married, which is unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, Kang Ki Young has appeared in the dramas “At Eighteen,” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” “Oh My Ghost,” and “My Secret Terrius” since his 2009 debut in “Bad Magnet.”

In the recently aired drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” he is receiving feedback that he has shed the role of Jung Myeong Seok and recast his “life character.”



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