IU Couldn’t Help But Get A Little Embarrassed With Her Swollen Face After Eating Ramen Late At Night

Singer-actress IU showed off her puffy face and showed off her bubbly charm.

On July 8th, on the official YouTube channel of the agency EDAM Entertainment, a video of IU preparing to greet the Japanese stage in the movie “Broker” was posted.

On this day, IU looked in the mirror while receiving makeup and told the makeup artist that her face was very swollen.

Then IU started talking about the cause of her puffy face.

IU said, “I was suffering from unbearable hunger in the morning, and I ate ramen and kimchi at 2 am”.

She added, “The ramen I ate in the morning was very delicious, but the aftereffects were very severe“.

Not only did she have a swollen face, but she also suffered from reflux esophagitis.

IU said to the makeup artist, “Can you hear a voice that strongly feels reflux esophagitis?” and gave a disappointing laugh.

IU wanted to stand in front of Japanese fans with a chic and cool feeling.

The makeup artist asked, “Do you want a cold beauty concept?IU complained, “I don’t know if I’ll become a cold beauty because my face is so chubby“.

However, contrary to her worries, her appearance after makeup was so beautiful.

IU also seemed to like her makeup, so she smiled at the camera and joked around cutely, drawing attention.



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