Netizens Were Shocked To Learn Song Ji Hyo’s Ideal Type Is Completely Different From Everyone Else.

Actor Song Ji Hyo, who is in love with singer Kim Jong Kook in ‘Running Man’, revealed that her ideal type is a person with a belly.

Song Ji Hyo appeared as a guest in the web entertainment ‘Turquiyez on the Block’, which was released on the 8th.

On this day, MC Lee Yong Jin asked, “Is the love line with Jong Kook on SBS ‘Running Man’ finished?Song Ji Hyo said, “It’s in progress.”

However, Song Ji Hyo’s actual ideal type was very different from Kim Jong Kook, who had a muscular body, and attracted many people’s attention.

When asked what kind of man Song Ji Hyo prefers, Song Ji Hyo replied, “Personally, I like the pooh style with a belly.”

When Lee Yong Jin asked if she felt like Ma Dong Seok, Song Ji Hyo emphasized that she likes to have a belly rather than a large back.

Song Ji Hyo said, “I really like to see (a man) come out and touch the boat.”

In the meantime, Song Ji Hyo explained that she liked Kim Tae Woo very much when she was 20, using an example as an entertainer. 

Lee Yong Jin said, “It feels like a teddy bear,” and said that he clearly understood Song Ji Hyo’s ideal type.

Previously, Song Ji Hyo appeared on MBC every1’s ‘Tteokbokki House, That Oppa‘ and said that she didn’t like the love line with Kim Jong Kook in the beginning, and said, “I asked ‘Let’s not do that.’ It was unacceptable to form a (love line) with two men.”

Then, Song Ji Hyo said, “Once I reacted naturally, it was so much fun,” and laughed, saying that she enjoys a love line with Kim Jong Kook.

Even so, Song Ji Hyo revealed that she had never been excited about Kim Jong Kook.



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