Most People Don’t Know, Park Eun Bin Initially Declined the Offer to Star in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Park Eun Bin revealed that she initially declined the offer to star in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Recently, Allure Korea conducted an interview with Park Eun Bin during a photoshoot.

On this date, Park Eun Bin was asked why she chose to appear in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

The actress responded that she simultaneously received casting offers for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “The King’s Affection” on KBS2.

Regarding “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” she admitted, “I knew it was a good story, but I lacked confidence in my ability to perform it well at the time“.

She added, “It was a work that made me feel greedy and a little burdened at the same time, and I questioned whether or not I could perform it without harming anyone“.

Park Eun Bin stated that she declined the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” casting offer multiple times for this reason. She subsequently began filming “The King’s Affection“.

With the belief that no one could portray Woo Young Woo better than Park Eun Bin, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” screenwriter Moon Ji Won and director Yoo In Sik waited nearly a year until she completed filming “The King’s Lover” to offer her the role again, and Park Eun Bin eventually agreed.

Park Eun Bin stated, “The screenwriter and director had faith in me, so I believe I should repay them“.

She continued, “It was extremely difficult for me to play that role, but I eventually figured it out, and everything went smoothly thereafter“.

She concluded, “That was also when I became aware of the director’s and writer’s expectations for me. I have faith in myself as well. This work occasionally reminds me of my faith and has given me the courage to confront my fear“.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” depicts the survival of rookie lawyer Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), who has a brilliant mind and autism spectrum disorder, in a large law firm.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has already broken the highest rating record in the history of ENA channel with only four episodes released.

The drama is currently ranked No. 1 on Netflix’s TV show chart in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, indicating that it is gaining immense popularity.



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