Netizens Applaud Son Seok Koo’s Kindness To Fans Despite His Global Popularity

Actor Son Seok Koo’s easy-going and warm side captured the hearts of many.

On July 3rd, an article titled ‘I saw Son Seok Koo’ was posted on an online community.

Person A in her 20s, who wrote the article, was about to get on the subway and focused on people’s attention by saying that she had witnessed Son Seok Koo.

Mr. A said, “Be careful not to be rude, ‘Is it possible to take a picture?’ When I said, ‘I do,’ I was like,” he said.

Person A also confessed that he was a little scared by Son Seok Koo, who exudes a charismatic atmosphere.

Nevertheless, Mr. A expressed his joy that he was so happy to see Son Seok Koo in person.

In the photo shared by Mr. A, we could see Son Seok Koo posing between the two of them.

Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as “Son Seok Koo is sweet”, “I think he still rides the subway”, and “It’s really cool”.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo was born in 1983 and is 40 years old this year.

Recently, Son Seok Koo is proud of his popularity through the JTBC ‘My Liberation Notes‘ and the movie ‘The Roundup’, in which he appeared.



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