Kim Jun Han Revealed The Reasons Why He Accepted The Role Offered To Him In “Anna” Saying, “It’s Because Of Suzy…”

Actor Kim Jun Han was surprised by Suzy’s passion for ‘Anna‘. 

Kim Jun Han met Wikitree at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of July 7th and talked about various stories about Coupang Play’s original ‘Anna‘ (screenplay, script, director Lee Ju-young). 

Anna‘ is a drama that tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life, starting with trivial lies, including her name, family, education, and past. In the play, Kim Jun Han takes on the role of Ji Hoon, the husband of Anna, who pursues a goal-oriented life with extraordinary ambition, and CEO of IT Solid, a promising venture company. 

On this day, Kim Jun Han said, “At first, I look at the script, and I think about what role I can play in it. And I look at various things, including the part about the director, and choose the one that attracts me.” 

His reasons for choosing ‘Anna‘ were the script and Suzy.

This time, the script was so much fun. Also, there are things that the director and Suzy chose because they did this.“Anna is a great character, isn’t it? ‘What if Suzy did this? I thought it would be fun,” he explained. 

If so, what was your impression of working with Suzy? When he asked him about the changes before and after he did his work with Suzy, he said, “Before we met, it was just ‘Suzy’,”

Kim Jun Han said, “After we met, We became a very comfortable colleagues. Although she is a younger sister who is very comfortable to meet even now while working on a project,”

“I have a lot of greed as an actor, but she is a friend who guides me through that. While she was working on her work, she released an album and collaborated, and as soon as filming was over, I saw her preparing for her next project, and I thought she was a friend with great passion.”

He continued, “I think I felt in real-time that it was a work that was a very inflecting point for Suzy. I was very surprised. Of course, Suzy still has a very young and fresh look, but she felt that she was building her own world. If you watch episodes 5 and 6, I think you will be able to see the new figure of Suzy again.”

Coupang Play ‘Anna‘, which has been released until the 4th episode, will end with the release of parts 5 and 6 at 8 pm on July 8th.



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