Fans Of Aespa Criticize SM Entertainment For Carelessly Putting On The Names Of Tomorrow X Together Members On Aespa’s Teaser Photo

The name of a male group member was listed in the teaser photo of girl group Aespa’s new album ‘Girls‘ due to an employee’s mistake.

Recently, SM Entertainment, the agency of Aespa, released a teaser image for Aespa’s second mini-album ‘Girls‘, raising the interest of fans.

In the teaser photo, Aespa members are posing in a room decorated with colorful props.

The members looked at the camera with avatar characters boasting images similar to themselves and made attractive expressions.

However, the reaction of some fans was very cold. 

This is because the names of the male idol group Tomorrow X Together members Soobin and Beomgyu were written on the props placed behind Aespa Gisele.

In fact, it is known that the prop was used in the teaser for Tomorrow X Together‘s ‘Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’.

Some fans of Aespa criticized SM Entertainment for this. 

They strongly protested, saying, “They are not good at SM Entertainment’s work”, “I thought Aespa is collaborating with Tomorrow x Together”, and “They prepared with no sincerity.”

It is said that the quality of the album went down due to the mistake of an SM Entertainment employee.

In particular, they pointed out that Aespa and Tomorrow X Together have different agencies and cannot be understood.

However, there are people who see it as a simple ‘happening’, saying that employees are human, so they can make mistakes.

Meanwhile, Aespa will release ‘Girls‘ in Korea and the US at the same time on July 8th, and start a full-fledged comeback promotion.

Expectations for the achievements of Aespa, which will be popular all over the world, both at home and abroad, are rising in the global market.



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