“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 3 Was Filled With Hate Comments On People With Autism From Netizens

The drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ shed light on the cold side of modern society, drawing viewers’ reflection and sympathy.

In the 3rd episode of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ ‘, which aired on July 6th, the realistic view of society toward autism spectrum disorder was drawn as it is.

On this day’s broadcast, from the prejudices of people toward disabilities to the harsh eyes and standards of society, the viewers were terrified.

This is because Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin)‘s new client, Kim Jeong Hoon (Moon Sang Hoon), has an autism spectrum disorder.

Woo Young Woo was also assigned to this case because she had the same autism spectrum disorder.

Kim Jeong Hoon was accused of beating his drunken brother while his parents were out because of his disability, causing serious injuries that broke 22 leg bones, leading to death.

In particular, the scene where Woo Young Woo stayed in the office alone and read articles or reports related to Kim Jung Hoon‘s case made many viewers immersed in thought.

A media announcer reported on the Kim Jung Hoon incident and said, “Mr. B is known as a gifted student who was attending Seoul National University College of Medicine after getting a perfect score in the 2018 SAT.”

Then, Woo Young Woo slowly read down the comments on the news. She trembled as she held her mouse as if it was difficult to read, and her eyes welled up.

People commented, “Isn’t it a national loss for a medical student to die and an autistic child to live?”, Autism = a license to kill in Korea”, “Autism = a license to kill. Send him to prison”, “Autism.” Let’s not look at it,” and left a rather cynical reaction.

However, these comments exceeded 500 ‘likes’ and garnered sympathy from many people, causing bitterness.

Afterward, netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “This episode is a legend. He threw a social message properly”, “I was so embarrassed in this scene. I wonder if there was a time when I thought like this too”, “Is this a true story? I think I’ve seen it”, “Everyone is a latent disabled person. No one can guarantee that you will live without a disability until the day you die” .

On the other hand, according to Nielsen Korea on the 7th, the third episode of the cable channel ENA drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ which aired on July 6th, recorded 4% (based on paid households nationwide).

In particular, it drew attention when it achieved first place among all channels including terrestrial TV dramas.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’‘, starring Park Eun Bin, depicts the survival story of a new lawyer, Woo Young Woo, who has a genius brain and an autism spectrum at the same time.

Currently, the drama is continuing its high streak by ranking first in the domestic Netflix ‘TOP 10 series’. 



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