Netizens Praise Suzy’s Excellent Acting Performance In “Anna”

People are paying attention to the acting skills of singer and actress Suzy.

Recently, Coupang Play, an OTT (online streaming service) platform, is releasing the original drama ‘Anna‘ every Friday.

Anna‘ is a mystery-suspense drama that tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life from her name, family, education, and past, starting with trivial lies.

In the cast, various actors such as Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han, and Park Ye Young are showing off their charms.

Suzy plays the main characters Lee Yu Mi and Lee Anna. That’s the role of Suzy, who was born to her poor father and her deaf mother and lived to the fullest but gets tired of the arduous life and eventually makes an irreversible choice.

Netizens who are watching ‘Anna‘ are applauding Suzy’s ‘acting skills’.

In particular, when Suzy expresses Lee Yu Mi‘s life in the play, she surprised those who saw her with her plain bare face without a single make-up, sloppy eyebrows, straight eyes, and acting as if she had resigned from everything.

She showed excellent emotional acting in scenes where he was captured by unknown emotions while watching Hyun Joo (Jung Eun Chae), who was born into a superior family and was born with a beautiful appearance.

Netizens were amazed at the improved acting skills, such as “Suzy seems to have prepared a lot”, “I was surprised”, and “Now she is being reborn as a real actress”.

Meanwhile, ‘Anna‘, in which Suzy is appearing, is released every Friday at 8 PM through Coupang Play.

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