These Female Idols Were Responsible For “Carrying” The Group’s Album Sales As They Have Huge Fandom 

Idol groups are controversial when only one member “carries the team”. 
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Album sales are one of the most important factors to evaluate the success of each comeback of K-pop idols. 

However, many groups are controversial when there is an idol “carrying the team” because they have a large number of fans. Even their fandom bought more albums than the rest of the members.

Recently, the individual bars in China of aespa members have summarized the number of pre-orders for the upcoming mini album Girls

Karina’s fans buy a lot of albums, much higher than the rest of the members. 
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Accordingly, as of July 2, the sales are: Karina Bar (201 thousand copies), NingNing Bar (140 thousand copies), Winter Bar (134 thousand copies) and Giselle (nearly 11 thousand copies).

It can be seen that Karina’s fans are very willing to spend, buying albums to support the female idol in this comeback. 

Her fans even outnumber her Chinese-born sister NingNing, many times taller than Giselle. Because of that, aespa was “cheated” that Karina should carry the album sales

The female idol’s charm is undeniable. (Photo: Pinterest)
NingNing is an idol of Chinese origin but still loses to Karina’s sales. 
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Winter also closely chases NingNing. 
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Giselle is “cheated” as the least popular idol of SM Entertainment’s girl group. 
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During the comeback with Love Dive , Wonyoung is also responsible for “carrying” the group’s album sales. 

Accordingly, the female idol’s fans in China have sold more than 98,000 copies. 

Meanwhile, the group only sold more than 500,000 copies, meaning Wonyoung accounted for nearly 1/5. 

Not to mention the fact that Wonyoung’s fandom is growing stronger and stronger, promising to reach even bigger numbers in the future.

Wonyoung “carried” more than 98,000 album copies for the group in the comeback with Love Dive. 
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Wonyoung’s attraction is growing by her beautiful beauty and perfect talent. 
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Undeniably Wonyoung is the “ace” of IVE. 
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When LE SSERAFIM first debuted with FEARLESS, Sakura was the member who contributed the most to album sales. 

Accordingly, the female idol’s fandom in China has pre-ordered more than 65,000 copies. 

This is a huge number compared to a newly debuted group. 

However, because Sakura used to be a key member of IZ * ONE, it is easy for the audience to understand this revenue.

Sakura is the key member, attracting fans for LE SSERAFIM. 
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The female idol has a good reputation since she was active with IZ*ONE. 
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Therefore, when she re-debuted with LE SSERAFIM, she contributed greatly to the group’s album sales. 
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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is a female idol with a huge fan base in China.

 By the time the group made a comeback with The Album, her fans had contributed more than 133 thousand copies. 

Therefore, Lisa is said to be the member who “carries” album sales for BLACKPINK.

Lisa’s fans are very willing to spend on album purchases. 
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Fans of the youngest member BLACKPINK have contributed greatly to the group’s million-selling album sales. (Photo: YG)

Although working in the same group, the members have different fan bases. 

Besides, their fandoms in China are also part of the guarantee for their success and popularity.


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