These Female Idols Were Called “Dancing Machines” For Their Ability To Quickly Memorize Complicated Choreographies

K-pop idols show off their talent for memorizing choreography quickly. 
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The eye-catching and energetic choreography is one of the attractions of the audience when enjoying the music stage.

Therefore, entertainment idols always hone their dancing skills, and the requirements are stricter at each comeback.

 With outstanding talent, many idols make people “eyes wide open” through their ability to memorize choreography very quickly.


The youngest member of BLACKPINK mesmerizes the audience with beautiful musical movements. 
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Taking on the position of the main dancer of BLACKPINK, Lisa has been admiring her dancing talent since she has not officially debuted.

 The beautiful body proportions and the extreme aura make the dance moves of the Thai beauties more attractive. 

In an interview with Billboard, Lisa revealed that it only takes about 2-3 hours to complete learning a new choreography.

The female idol shines on stage. 
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Attending the show Idol Room , Lisa surprised when she showed her extreme dancing talent. 

The female idol only watched it once and was able to perform almost 100% of the choreography for the songs “ Red Flavor ” (Red Velvet) and ” What Is Love” (TWICE) right after that. With this excellent performance, the people confirmed that Lisa was really born to become an idol.

Lisa learns choreography through “one note”. 
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Momo (TWICE)

The appearance of the Japanese beauties on stage made fans unable to take their eyes off. 
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Momo’s dance technique is appreciated. 
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Coming from the “popular” group of JYP, but Momo has never faded thanks to her beautiful beauty and extreme dance talent. 

The female idol possesses technical dance moves and is often given impressive dance breaks in the group’s songs.

Momo is the member with the fastest choreography ability in TWICE. Not copying like a machine, the female idol learns and understands the movements in her own style.

 Performing the  TWICE PERFORMANCE PROJECT project  with her sisters, Momo caused a sensation with her dance moves on the background of  Tadow  (Masego & FKJ) and  Bad  (Christopher). 

The special thing is that it only took her 2 hours to memorize this choreography.

The female idol who learned the choreography in just 2 hours still had a great image. (Photo: Pinterest, K-pop Database)

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi’s dance steps are delicate and flexible to each fingertip. 
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It is no exaggeration to judge Seulgi as an all-powerful idol. The female idol since her debut has rarely let her fans down every time she steps on stage.

 She can sing, rap and dance perfectly, even when solo or performing with the Red Velvet sisters.

Taking on the position of main dancer, the audience is not surprised that Seulgi has the ability to memorize dance steps super fast.

 The Queendom choreography , although complicated, was neatly conquered by the female idol in 10 hours. 

The female idol learns very quickly even though the dance is difficult. 
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Seulgi exudes boundless charm on stage. 

Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo possesses dance skills like no other in the group. 
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Originally a vocal-line of TWICE, Jihyo has always made a strong impression with her dancing talent. 

The schedule is tight, but she is always full of energy and explosive performances in front of the camera make fans extremely proud.

At each comeback, Jihyo shows her maturity in music and style. The female idol once learned the choreography I Can’t Stop Me in just 20 hours, performing confidently on stage.

The female idol is always full of energy on stage. 
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Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

Moonbyul let go of her soul in every dance step. 
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Along with Mamamoo to conquer their musical dreams, Moonbyul, although not the most famous member, is always appreciated for her talent. 

In addition to her excellent rap voice, the female idol’s dancing talent also received many compliments.

Attending MAMA 2019 , Mamamoo “burned up” the stage with the hit ” Hip ” . Fans enjoyed the energetic performance, “falling over” knowing that Moonbyul had learned the choreography for 10 minutes. 

Although she had to memorize the dance steps in a short time, the female idol completed the stage perfectly.

K-pop idols’ ability to memorize fast choreography makes people admire. 

By memorizing quick dance steps, female idols will have more time to support their idols and hone other skills.

She slays every time she steps on stage. 
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Beauty Mamamoo learns fast choreography. 
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