Fans Couldn’t Believe That Aespa’s Karina Could Finish 3 Ramens By Herself Since She Is Not Gaining Weight

Aespa Karina drew attention by revealing an unexpected taste.

Aespa members Karina and Winter appeared on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘, which aired on July 2nd.

Karina, who was watching singer Song Ga In’s ‘mukbang’ on the VCR that day, was envious, saying it looked so delicious.

When comedian Hong Hyun Hee asked, “Aren’t the members of Aespa picky for food?“, Karina answered, “We don’t control our diet,” and drew attention.

When asked if she was full after eating a little, Karina stimulated her curiosity by saying, “It depends on your condition. When you eat a lot, you eat a lot.”

Then, Karina surprised everyone by revealing her unusual taste, saying, “I can eat up to three ramen by myself.”

The MCs couldn’t keep their mouths shut about Karina’s unexpected eating habits, who had a lean body without fat.

Karina added, “I eat it with spicy ramen. I eat two and it is delicious, so I order one more and eat it.”

Singer Song Ga In looked at the slim Karina and said, “There is no space for (three ramen) to fit in”, and Karina said, “My stomach is spacious,” and made everyone laugh.

Netizens who saw the broadcast admired, saying, “I eat three ramen noodles, but why am I gaining weight.?”

Meanwhile, Aespa plans to make a comeback with their second mini album ‘Girls‘ on the 8th.


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