Disaster Movie “Emergency Declaration” Starring Song Kang Ho & Lee Byung Hun Will Be Released On August

The aviation disaster movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ will take charge of the theater this summer.

On July 4th, the distributor Showbox announced that the release of ‘Emergency Declaration‘ has been confirmed to be released on August 3rd.

In addition, 7 types of first character posters for ‘Emergency Declaration’ were also released. It drew the attention of many people by capturing the image of seven people who faced an aviation disaster.

In Ho (Song Kang Ho), a veteran detective team leader, showed a desperate figure struggling to prevent a disaster on the ground.

Jae Hyeok (Lee Byung Hun), who was on the plane with his daughter, was looking around to protect the child.

Sook Hee (Jeon Do Yeon), the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, exudes humanity and the minister’s charisma to save the people.

Co-pilot Hyeon Soo (Kim Nam Gil) raised expectations with a responsible look to land the plane safely in order to protect the passengers.

Here, Jin Seok (Im Si Wan) watched the chaotic situation on the plane with the calmest expression, and the flight attendant Hee Jin (Kim So Jin) did not lose her composure and showed the appearance of thinking of passengers first.

Tae Soo (Park Hae Joon), the head of the Blue House Crisis Management Center, was struggling to make the best choice even in a situation where it was difficult for everyone to make a rational decision.

People who have faced aviation disasters that no one could have predicted will show different performances on the ground and in the air like this.

Meanwhile, ‘Emergency Declaration‘ tells the story of people who face disasters and airplanes that have declared an unconditional landing as unprecedented aviation terrorism.

Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Im Si Wan, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon were all in attendance.

Previously, Jeon Do Yeon, at the production report meeting, was asked how successful ‘Emergency Declaration‘ would be.



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