“Alienoid” Drops Characters Poster Ahead Of Its Release

The character poster of the sci-fi fantasy ‘Alienoid‘ has been released.

On July 4th, 6 posters containing the intense charm of the characters of the movie ‘Alienoid‘ were released.

In the poster, we could see the condensed charm of the 7 characters, each with their own personalities, in different times and spaces.

Mureuk (Ryu Jun Yeol), a master swordsman, appeared as a swordsman in his fan with his cat duo Wang Woo (Jung Geun Shin) and King Left (Shi Hoon Lee), heralding a great performance to acquire a new sword.

The poster with the serious expression of the guard (Kim Woo Bin) who manages the alien prisoner and the partner Thunder raised curiosity about the unpredictable development that will unfold in the process of escorting the alien prisoner.

In the midst of thunder, Ian (Kim Tae Ri), a woman who shoots thunder without hesitation, and Mun Do Seok (So Ji Sub), a detective who is chased by aliens, stand in the middle of a destroyed city, we could feel the intense charisma that seemed to break through the screen.

Two fresh black snow (Yeom Jeong Ah) and Cheong Woon (Jo Woo Jin), a character in a mask trying to take over the divine sword, Jajang (Kim Eui Seong), who seems to be flying into the sky, show extreme visuals and personality, and are colorful characters unique to ‘Alienoid‘ was expecting a fever.

In particular, the characters wore Hanbok and modern clothes, revealing a mixed background of Goryeo and modern times.

Meanwhile, ‘Alienoid‘ depicts the story unfolding as the door of time opens between the swordsmen who want to take the divine sword in the rumors of the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and those who chase after an alien prisoner imprisoned in a human body in 2022.

The blockbuster ‘Alienoid‘, which cost 40 billion won to produce, will be released on July 20th and will be in charge of theaters this summer.



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