“Unbothered Queen” Jessie Pulls Off Successful Performance Despite Repeatedly Hit In The Face With Water At 2022 WATERBOMB

Singer Jessie was shot in the face during the performance of “Water Bomb 2022“.

On June 30th, Jessie posted a video on her Instagram with a message, “When they wet your face… but you play it off with style and grace… 😫 still love you“.

The released video was part of the performance presented by Water Bomb Seoul 2022 held on the 25th.

Jessie, wearing a red cropped top, shot a water gun in her face as she stepped onto the stage.

Jessie frowned slightly at the sudden water gun, and as if embarrassed, the song could not continue smoothly.

Soon, however, she successfully wrapped up the stage by pretending to be okay.

Earlier, (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua was also shot by the audience on the stage of “Water Bomb 2022”.

At that time, Shuhua was attacked with a water gun on her face and said on Naver V Live, “Who shoots water in my face? I really couldn’t see. I had contact lenses on, and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see for like thirty seconds. I told you guys not to go overboard. Let’s not meet on the street“, she said with anger.


As the water gun attack continued on Jessie following Shuhua, the controversy over the stage manners of “Water Bomb” is emerging as a hot topic again.

The music festival “Water Bomb” is a festival that combines water gun fights and music festivals, and the audience enjoys water gun fights together while watching the performances of their favorite artists.

However, it was controversial as it was seen indiscriminately shooting water guns at artists on stage recently.



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