Netizens Think That Nam Joo Hyuk Was Being Rude And Disrespectful Towards Suzy Because Of This Inappropriate Joke

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s agency denies new allegations of school violence

Recently, Nam Joo Hyuk has been the focus of Korean showbiz’s attention when being accused of school violence for 6 years.

In the midst of everything, the actor was suddenly criticized by the public for a controversial situation in the past with “the nation’s first love” Suzy.

Specifically, after filming the kiss scene in the drama ” Start-Up “ , Nam Joo Hyuk suddenly asked Suzy what she had eaten for lunch.

The question made Suzy quite embarrassed, she had to answer that she ate noodles to remove the difficult atmosphere.

After that, Nam Joo Hyuk continued to show a joking attitude when asking Suzy if the noodles smell like Samhap (a 3-course meal of braised meat, kimchi and fermented stingray).

Suzy at that time could only cure her embarrassment by clapping Nam Joo Hyuk‘s hand and asking, “Why are you asking me what I ate right after a kiss scene?”.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy used to have a pretty violent kiss scene on the rooftop in the drama Start-Up
After the kiss scene, Nam Joo Hyuk suddenly asked Suzy what she had for lunch
The atmosphere became quite awkward because of the bad joke, so Suzy just clapped her hands on Nam Joo Hyuk and asked, “Why are you asking me what I ate right after the kiss scene?”
The actor ended the conversation by waving his hand and claiming he didn’t mean anything
In the drama , the two do not have many intimate scenes. However, at the kiss scene, Nam Joo Hyuk made an impolite joke

Many netizens after watching the video couldn’t help but feel offensive, criticizing Nam Joo Hyuk for the impolite question towards the female co-star. 

It is known that Samhap is a specialty of Jeolla province – Suzy’s hometown. This is a fermented stingray dish, with a strong smell, often served with kimchi and braised meat. 

His question is said to not only imply that Suzy’s breath smells, but even jokingly refer to Suzy’s hometown. 

Angry netizens left many critical comments:  “Although he said it as if it was a joke. But it was very rude and crossed the line”, “I have never seen anyone behave rudely to you. actresses like Nam Joo Hyuk”, “This video helps me have a different view of Nam Joo Hyuk”, … This situation makes Nam Joo Hyuk lose points in the eyes of the audience, especially when he is constantly being accused of school violence.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s question is said to be somewhat rude and disrespectful to the female co-star

Nam Joo Hyuk received a lot of criticism from netizens about his impolite attitude towards Suzy, but there are also people who think that the two idols have a close relationship, so this joke does not affect the relationship too much.



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