These 6 K-Pop Idols Nearly Caused Their Hairstylists To Have A Mental Breakdown For Styling Their Hair Without Permission

Up until now, K-pop idols’ beautiful, shimmering hairstyles were done by a team of experienced hairstylists. But many idols like to do their own hairstyles.

This makes stylists worry that idols will mess up their looks, which often causes them to panic. But the results of the Korean stars’ performances aren’t too bad.


Recently, people circulated a video recording of Rosé cutting her own hair. Fans were surprised to learn that the female idol’s impressive short hair is a finished product.

Prior to that, Rosé had long hair for a considerable amount of time, so many people anticipated her “makeover“.

Without waiting for the stylist, Rosé cut the ends of her hair with scissors. This gets fans very excited and shows how versatile the Australian Rosé is.

ITZY’s Ryujin

Ryujin is also famous as a female idol who often wears the same hairstyle. It seems that because of that, she has found a way to change her appearance.

After watching a movie, Ryujin decided to cut her bangs like her favorite actress. Worth mentioning, her short cut makes her face quite “stupid“.

While fans cried because Ryujin‘s “marshal” image disappeared, people praised her for looking cute.

BTS’ Jin

Numerous times, the eldest brother of BTS made the hair stylist’s heart skip a beat with his self-made hairstyles.

Jin once caused a stir on social media by uploading a video of himself cutting his bangs while simultaneously filming with a smartphone and kitchen scissors.

Jin did not hesitate to take care of his own hair because he noticed that it was blocking his vision due to its length.

BTS’s Jungkook

At the end of Jin‘s turn, the youngest Jungkook also showed off his hair dyeing skills. In the broadcast of the show “Bon Voyage 3” , the male idol had his own time.

Delighted with the half-blond half-red hairstyle, Jungkook quickly tried it out. The male idol is excited to create his hair and is quite satisfied with his results.

However, fans who see this scene feel sorry for the hair stylist because they are about to “fire” this mischievous maknae.

NCT 127’s Doyoung and Jungwoo

During the recent outbreak of a pandemic, the boys of NCT 127 hosted an engaging series of livestreams.

Doyoung and Jungwoo drew special attention when they opened a home hair salon. Fans cannot help but laugh because Doyoung styled Jungwoo so professionally.

But when it came time to switch roles, Doyoung was surprised by Jungwoo‘s talent, which he had not anticipated.

When K-pop idols showcase their hairstyling skills, the hair stylist becomes frightened. The hair of idols is inherently well-kept because it has a major impact on their public image.

Therefore, only the most courageous individuals have the courage to ignore the staff and style their own hair.



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