“Our Blues” Actress Jung Eun Hye Reveals How Many Bottles Of Alcohol She Can Drink In One Night

Artist and actress Jung Eun Hye, whose performance in the tvN drama “Our Blues” left a lasting impression, boasted about her drinking ability.

On the 25th of June, the YouTube channel “Mission Life [KookMin Ilbo]” uploaded a video of Jung Eun Hye eating with Pastor Lim Hyung Gyu and conducting a casual interview.

Pastor Lim Hyung Gyu mentioned the scene where Jung Eun Hye drinks beer in “Our Blues” and asked, “What is your usual drinking amount? Do you have any favorite alcohol?

Jung Eun Hye revealed an unusual amount of alcohol, saying, “I drink about three bottles. But I mix and drink alcohol“.

Pastor Lim Hyung Gyu was surprised by Jung Eun Hye’s unexpected drinking capacity, so he inquired, “What kind of alcohol do you mix?” She responded, “I combine soju, beer, and makgeolli.

Jung Eun Hye, who likes to drink, shared she once went to the emergency room after drinking too much.

Pastor Lim Hyung Gyu was worried about Jung Eun Hye, saying, “You shouldn’t drink that much. You have to drink in moderation“.

On this day, Jung Eun Hye also talked about the story behind her appearance in “Our Blues“.

She stated that “Our Blues” author Noh Hee Kyung saw her exhibition and hired her immediately.

Pastor Lim Hyung Gyu admired the casting story, remarking, “It’s incredible to be cast by the renowned author Noh Hee Kyung.”

In “Our Blues,” Jung Eun Hye portrayed Young Hee and collaborated with actors Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin.

The 23rd of June marked the release of the documentary film “Your Face,” in which the acclaimed actress Jeong Eun Hye once again conveys to the world a profound resonance.



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