Netizens Spot A Surprising Connection Between BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie and Lisa Everytime They Travel To Europe

BLACKPINK is currently one of the most successful girl groups of the 3rd generation. All four girls are not only influential in the music industry, but also in the fashion industry.

Constantly in their hands are a series of expensive contracts and trips to the fashion capitals of the world. However, fans have discovered the details of 4 YG members who check in on the balconies whenever they travel to Europe.


Jisoo is the eldest sister within the BLACKPINK members. After signing contracts worth billions of dollars with numerous brands, her number of trips to Europe increased significantly.

The most prestigious fashion brands consistently invite the stunning woman to Europe to attend a prestigious fashion event.

Accordingly, fans have meticulously discovered that Jisoo has a particular fondness for the balcony angle. The Ambassador exuded authority and allure while clad in a black dress and Cartier jewelry.


Comparable to Jisoo, Rosé also checked in on the balcony during European business trips. In fact, the black-and-white photo showed Rosé’s exceptional looks to its fullest extent.

Fans cannot stop whispering about Rosé‘s exceptional beauty. In addition, when Rosé is wearing a YSL outfit, this photo exudes a rich scent, proving her position as Global Ambassador.

Even in photos where her face is obscured, Rosé‘s pose reveals that she is enjoying her trip immensely. BLACKPINK‘s long, slender legs and beautiful body are constantly praised by their fans.


Each time they travel to Europe, fans will recognize Jennie’s “virtual living” corner. The female idol frequently poses on the balcony of her hotel room to display her beauty.

The photos taken on Jennie’s balcony contain an abundance of luxurious and daring House Ambassador Chanel.


Lisa is most likely the BLACKPINK member with the most enthusiasm for the virtual living corner on the balcony.

Every time she travels to Europe, she frequently posts photos of her admirable figure on the balcony. Lisa‘s blonde, layered hair and seductive CELINE outfit attracts attention.

Lisa possesses a noble and confident aura. Consequently, the photos taken on her balcony are naturally equally luxurious. Fans cannot help but discuss the ecstatic visuals of BLACKPINK‘s youngest member in each updated photo.

Taking pictures on the balcony appears to be a requirement for the BLACKPINK girls whenever they land in the West. Each ambassador has her own unique beauty and personality, making these photos incredibly luxurious.



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