Son Seok Koo’s Infamous “My Liberation Notes” Hairstyle Gets Imitated By Comedian And You Won’t Be Able To Not Cringe

Jo Jun Ho showed an image of trying to imitate Son Seok Koo.

At the opening of the 24th episode of MBC‘s entertainment program “Family Mate“, broadcast on the 28th, Jo Jun Ho boasted that he had transformed into Son Seok Koo‘s hairstyle.

On this day’s broadcast, Jo Jun Ho opened his mouth saying, “I came here with Son Seok Koo’s hair“. He was referring to Son Seok Koo, who played the role of Mr. Gu in the JTBC Saturday drama “My Liberation Notes“.

Then, Jo Jun Ho said, “Do you admire me?” To this, MC Kim Jong Un replied, “It’s not a joke right now, you shouldn’t touch it“.

Jo Jun Ho said, “The head itself is the same. If you cover it, it’s the same. Do you admire me?“, making everyone laugh.

DinDin said, “Really, I think I’ll get kicked out. Really,” and Jo Jun Ho said, “Please call me Mr. Gu from now on.

DinDin said, “Please stop me. I think I’m really going to be deported right now. Really. Jo Jun Ho, who continued to imitate Son Seok Koo, who played the role of Mr. Gu, saying, “Please call me Mr. Gu in the future“.



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