Park Bo Gum, on traveling to France in a private plane “Thanks to my friends in Paris”

Actor Park Bo Gum shared his recent status in Paris, France.

On June 27th, Park Bo Gum posted a picture of attending a luxury brand event on his personal SNS.

In the photo, Park Bo Gum is posing with the Eiffel Tower in the background and looking out the window while riding a private plane.

Park Bo Gum added, “The weather in Paris was really nice and I had a good time with CELINE. Many thanks to all my friends in Paris! Merci” along with the photo, expressing satisfaction with the time spent with CELINE and the weather.

Park Bo Gum left for Paris, France on the 24th to attend the 2023 fashion show for CELINE with BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum was discharged on April 30 after serving in the navy.



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