Cha Seo Won and Gongchan Confirmed To Star In Upcoming BL Webtoon-Based Drama

Cha Seo Won and Gongchan have confirmed their roles as the leads in the BL romantic comedy “Unintentional Love Story“.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Phoebe, “Unintentional Love Story” continues the BL genre syndrome.

The opening line of “Unintentional Love Story” is, “The beginning is unintentional, but love is unintentional!” It is a heartbreaking, trust-rebuilding romance about two people who discovered true love in a relationship that began with a lie.

Unintentional Love Story” by Phoebe, the original author, is a comic published by Daewon CI that has swept online and offline, garnering high loyalty from the core fan base and hot love from multiple generations.

In addition, “Where Your Eyes Stay” author Shin Ji An collaborated with “Pitch of Time” director Jang Jang Soon.

During this, the ‘love story‘ protagonists of “Unintentional Love Story‘ were revealed. In 2022, Cha Seo Won (Yoon Tae Joon), the most popular actor, and Gongchan (Ji Ji Young), who have demonstrated their presence as both actors and singers, will collaborate on a new project.

First, Cha Seo Won assumes the role of Yoon Tae Joon, a virtuoso potter who has seemingly vanished from the world.

Yoon Tae Joon is a character who initially appears naïve because he doesn’t speak much, but he has a kind heart. At the same time, he is both a charming man and a man whose toughness reverses itself.

In order to return to work, Gongchan plays Ji Won Young, an employee of a large corporation’s general affairs department who must win the heart of the president’s favorite artist, Yoon Tae Joon.

Ji Won Young is a “nuclear person” who has a cheerful disposition and enjoys assisting others, so there are always people around. Then, when he is suddenly threatened with resignation, he meets Yoon Tae Joon.

The airing of “Unintentional Love Story” is scheduled for the second half of 2022.



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