ARMY’s Were Disappointed Over J-Hope’s First Solo Album Since It Has No CD

BTS J-Hope, who will officially debut as a solo artist in July, tried to compose a unique album.

On June 27th, J-Hope’s agency Big Hit Music posted a long notice about the release schedule of the solo album ‘Jack In the Box’ on Weverse, an online fan community.

The thing that caught my attention the most in the announcement was that the actual CD and photo book were not included in J-Hope’s solo album.

The ‘Jack in the Box’ album contains only a card holder, two photo cards, and a QR card.

People who have purchased J-Hope’s album can download and listen to it after installing the ‘Weverse Album’ app, logging in, and scanning the QR card.

In addition, various gifts such as hologram stickers, epoxy stickers, and bookmarks are provided for each purchase place.

The reaction of fans to this is generally disappointing. If there is no real CD, there is a fear that it will not be properly reflected in the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart, and there are many people who want to own the CD.

However, there were also opinions that it was not a bad choice considering the environment. 

Idol groups Victon and Luminous have already released a ‘platform album’ in which CDs were excluded from the previously announced album composition. Following them, J-Hope also chose to release a new type of album composition without a CD.

Meanwhile, J-Hope is scheduled to release a pre-released song on July 1 before the album release.

The official album is scheduled to be released on July 29th, and pre-orders started on the 27th at various online sites and offline purchases.



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