These K-pop Idols Who Are Known To Be Respectful Towards Their Seniors Won The Hearts Of The Netizens

Famous idols respect their seniors. 
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In order to survive in the K-pop entertainment industry, idols not only possess outstanding talent and appearance, but also have to cultivate their personality.

 In particular, idols with a polite, humble or kind attitude will be respected by the public and colleagues.

With that, these K-pop Idols were known to be respectful towards their senior.

Haewon (NMIXX) 

Haewon bowed 90 degrees, politely greeted Nayeon. 
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Recently, during the meeting with Nayeon, Haewon bowed 90 degrees to greet the senior.

This made TWICE’s sister extremely surprised. 

Her actions quickly scored points in the eyes of NMIXX fans and also ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name). 

It is known that Haewon is a big fan of Nayeon, she was even called “Oh love Nayeon” by NSWER (NMIXX’s fandom name).

Nayeon – TWICE’s eldest sister and also the number 1 idol in Haewon’s heart. 
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Haewon makes people excited because he is so cute. 
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Rosé received a “rain” of compliments from netizens when bowing 110 degrees. 
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It’s been 2 years since How You Like That was released, the story of Rosé bending 110 degrees is still being passed on by netizens. 

While receiving the trophy and preparing to sing the encore for the million-view song, Rosé bowed to other artists on stage. 

This shows that Rosé is not only talented and beautiful but also extremely polite.

Rosé is a proof that being both talented and virtuous will be loved. 
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Rosé, Lisa bowed politely, happy to meet IU. 
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Not only Rosé, but other members of BLACKPINK are also famous for being polite to their seniors. 

On the stage of  SBS Gayo Daejun 2017 , the group had the opportunity to meet female singer IU

BLACKPINK’s polite bowing action received many compliments from netizens. Besides, because of IU’s fans, Rosé and Lisa had a series of lovely expressions, making fans hope that the group can combine with “national little sister” in a music product.


WANNA ONE greets Yoona even through the TV screen. (Photo: Innisfree YouTube screenshot)

In a reality show called Wanna One Go in Jeju , the WANNA ONE boys greeted Yoona sunbaenim, even though she only appeared on the screen for 11 seconds.

 The lovely and polite actions of the 11 boys made many viewers satisfied.

Besides, the boys came out very excited when they heard the senior sing the group’s song. This can be seen as Yoona’s great gift instead of thanks.

WANNA ONE really adores Yoona sunbaenim. (Photo: Pinterest)


The LOONA members were forced to bow too much to Jungkook. 
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At a weekly music show, when preparing for BTS’ encore performance, the two LOONA members bowed 90 degrees to greet Jungkook politely. 

This quickly created controversy when a part of netizens thought that the girls were too self-contained.

On the other hand, many viewers gave them compliments. 

Right or wrong, it is undeniable that the actions of the two female idols show respect for their seniors, as well as strictly comply with the implicit rules of the profession.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

G-Dragon shook hands and bowed to his colleagues. 
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Attached to the rebellious image, G-Dragon in real life is a genuine good boy. 

On the red carpet at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week  event , G-Dragon bowed to his senior standing among the crowd.

 It is known that that senior is comedian Jo Se Ho. G-Dragon’s delicate action, without the “star” disease, has won many praises.

G-Dragon was a bit surprised when he met his senior but still quickly bowed his head. 
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Suho (EXO)

At the 2016 MAMA Awards , when receiving the Daesang , the leader of EXO bowed 90 degrees to express his gratitude.

 The action helped Suho receive a rain of compliments from EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom name) and the audience watching the ceremony. 

The 90-degree bow showed the humble virtue of leader Suho.

The leader of EXO is a person who is always humble. 
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