Lee Seung Gi Receives Praise For His Flawless Live Vocals In “All The Butlers”

Lee Seung Gi, a singer, and Sumi Jo, a soprano, both showed flawless singing abilities.

Sumi Jo appeared as a daily master on the June 26 broadcast of “All The Butlers” on SBS, and the members had time to learn vocal music.

The members of “All The Butlers” showed their singing abilities by holding a tenor contest on this date. A tenor is a male musician who plays the highest pitch in music.

During the broadcast, Lee Seung Gi displayed a high note to the accompaniment and raised his voice up to three octaves, causing shock.

Even Sumi Jo, the “World’s Third-Greatest Soprano“, was moved to tears by Lee Seung Gi‘s ear-piercingly high-pitched voice. Sumi Jo jumped to her feet, applauded her, and selected Lee Seung Gi as the best tenor in her group.

The members also praised Lee Seung Gi‘s great high notes, saying, “It’s neat” and “This is really acknowledged.”

Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Gi‘s junior in the music industry, remarked, “That is really high.”

Following this, Sumi Jo and the members of “All The Butlers” performed “Champions” together on stage, a song that Sumi Jo sang and that gained national popularity during the 2022 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

Lee Seung Gi stood next to Sumi Jo and gave the viewers a thrill by playing the tenor role nicely.

After the song ended, all the members applauded and complimented the performers on a job well done.



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