Jang Nara Expresses Gratitude For Congratulatory Wishes On Her Wedding Day

Actress and singer Jang Nara shared her sincere feelings after finishing the wedding in the blessing of many people.

On June 26th, Jang Nara held a private wedding ceremony at Bonnelli Garden in Seoul, receiving congratulations from her family and acquaintances.

On this day, Jang Nara‘s best friend, Park Kyung Rim, took over as the host and led the wedding in a smooth manner.

Jang Nara showed off her dazzling visuals in a silk wedding dress and a shiny tiara that exuded an elegant atmosphere.

The wedding atmosphere was always good. In particular, Jang Nara showed off her cute dance and made her wedding scene warm.

Jang Nara thanked the guests, saying, “I sincerely thank you for coming to the wedding“. The guests applauded and supported Jang Nara‘s future.

Then, Jang Nara said, “Thank you so much for blessing me with your interest and love” ,and “I will live happily and happily as a good wife at home and as a sincere actor at work in order to repay the support, support and love you have given me“.

Meanwhile, Jang Nara‘s husband is a cinematographer who is 6 years younger than her.

The two fell in love while filming and developed into lovers, and it is said that they introduced them to both families from the beginning of their relationship and continued to meet.



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