(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Speaks Out Against Those Who Targeted Her Face With Water Guns During “Water Bomb Seoul 2022” Performance

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua was enraged after being attacked with a water gun during a performance at “Water Bomb Seoul 2022.”

On the 26th, (G)I-DLE Shuhua‘s turned on the V LIVE broadcast and had time to communicate with fans.

Immediately after Shuhua began the broadcast, she stated, “I have something to share with you all. I just arrived from the water bomb, and I was unaware that you were using water for this. I was so shocked “.

Shuhua yelled angrily at the perpetrators of the water gun attacks on her face. She even shook her head unsteadily as she recalled the chaotic situation.

She said, “Who did that? I really couldn’t see it. I was avoiding it because I was wearing lenses, but I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t see. I couldn’t see anyone for 30 seconds“.

Then she opened her eyes wide and said, “I told you to take it easy. Do you think it makes sense?” she continued to shout angrily.

She said, “I’ve seen all the shooters. Let’s not meet on the street“, she issued a warning.

In fact, the fan’s close-up camera of “Water Bomb Seoul 2022″ showed Shuhua being shot in the face while performing.

Shuhua continued the choreography with difficulty while tightly closing her eyes on a number of water gun cases.


The broadcast evoked various responses from Netizens, such as “Why are you shooting in the face if you’re not going to harass people?” “There is a problem with aiming and shooting on purpose,” and “It’s a water night event, so you have no choice.”

In the meantime, (G)I-DLE, which includes Shuhua, recently held a successful world tour in Seoul titled “2022 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [JUST ME ()I-DLE].”

(G)I-DLE will perform in a total of sixteen regions, beginning with Seoul, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, and Houston.

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