Free Zia Officially Returns To YouTube After 5 Months Of Hiatus

YouTuber Free Zia (Song Jia), who stopped her activities due to a fake product controversy, resumed her YouTube activities.

On June 27th, Song Jia posted on her SNS, “Prings, I uploaded that video. I’m very nervous. Please take a look.”

It’s been about five months since she announced her hiatus on January 25th through her own YouTube channel.

In the photo shared with them, there are photos of Song Jia and her dog. Her high nose bridge and exotic appearance attract attention.

The video released by Song Jia is ‘everyday vlog, how are you doing these days ft. Flower arrangement, oil painting class, home-cooked’ was uploaded on a personal YouTube channel.

In the video, Song Jia misses Fringes (subscribers’ nicknames) so much that she checks out DMs from Fringes while taking a break.

“I went to Busan to spend time with my family and moved house,” she said recently.

Among them, before the oil painting class, buying art tools, arranging flowers, and eating home-cooked food were included.

On his return, netizens showed reactions such as “Congratulations on her return” and “I waited too long”.

Meanwhile, Free Zia has been operating YouTube since 2019, and has since appeared on Netflix’s web entertainment ‘Single’s Inferno’ and gathered a lot of attention.

After that, in January, she got caught up in a fake product controversy and stopped all her activities.



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