Fans Rejoice As Song Jia Returns To Youtube After A Month-Long Break

Influencer FreeZia is back on YouTube.

It has been about 5 months since the controversy over fake products.

On June 27th, a video titled “Everyday Vlog I’m Doing Like This These Days ft. Flower Arrangement, Oil Painting Class, and Home Meal” was uploaded on FreeZia‘s YouTube channel.

At the bottom of the video, “How are you Pringies? I miss you so much” the caption reads.

FreeZia said, “I’m very, very nervous… Please enjoy watching. I was trembling while filming, and I am still trembling“, she said, saying, “Thank you and I love you Pringies“.

In the released video, FreeZia mentioned her recent situation. “I spent time with my family in Busan and moved to a new. I also learned what I wanted to learn“, she said.

The following scenes showed buying ingredients for the oil painting class, stopping by a flower shop for flower arrangement, and having a small conversation while eating home-cooked meals.

At the end of the video, FreeZia said, “It’s been a while, so nice to see you. I missed you”, she promised.

Meanwhile, FreeZia posted an apology video and text after the controversy over wearing fake luxury goods in January. Social media and YouTube channels were kept private. After that, he stopped all activities and had a time of self-reflection.



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