Netizens Can’t Believe How Won Bin Looks After Hiding From The Public For 12 years

Actor Won Bin, who is 46 years old this year, has been released.

On June 24th, actor Ji Yi Soo posted three photos on her Instagram.

In the published photos, Ji Yi Soo and Won Bin were captured, drawing the attention of many people.

Ji Yi Soo and Won Bin, who are filming a golf wear commercial at the golf course, boasted their perfect visuals to the fullest.

In particular, Won Bin aroused admiration from those who looked at his appearance while he was the strongest and it was hard to believe that he was in his 40s.

In addition, Won Bin showed off his excellent proportions with his small face and elongated arms and legs.

Actress Lee Mi Do, who found out that Ji Yi Soo had met Won Bin, expressed her envy by saying, “Hey, why didn’t you tell me. We used to drive cars together when we went to the set. I’m good at driving“.

Lee Mi Do trembled at Ji Yi Soo‘s wide smile, saying, “You’re smiling“.

Meanwhile, Won Bin married actress Lee Na Young in 2015 and they have a son together.

Won Bin has not been active since the movie “The Man from Nowhere“, which was released in 2010, and is calling for disappointment from fans.

Won Bin has been proposed to appear in the films “God-Sin-Punishment“, “Busan“, and KBS2 “Descendants of the Sun“, but it is known his decision has been finalized.



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