Suzy Spotted Wearing High School Uniform — And Fans Are Blown Away With Her Timeless Visuals

Singer and actress Suzy has revealed the behind-the-scenes of filming “Anna“.

Suzy posted a photo on her Instagram on June 25 with a message saying, “Isn’t Anna’s set cute?“.

The photo shows the behind-the-scenes of Coupang Play‘s “Anna“. Suzy is taking a selfie wearing a school uniform. Suzy, who had her bangs down, showed off her visuals just like her when she debuted, drawing admiration.

Seeing this, Laboum‘s So Yeon said, “It was totally when I was in middle school“, and actress Kim Min Young was pleased, saying, “What? Why are you so cute?“.

Meanwhile, Suzy appeared on Coupang PlayAnna.’



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