BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Private Jet Photos While En Route To Paris; Fans Debate Whether She Owns It

Lisa, a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, was from a Southeast Asian country and was a foreign idol. ‘

Throughout her artistic efforts, she was subjected to several unfair criticisms, but her talent allowed her to win over the audience. At the age of 25, the YG Entertainment ladies have established careers and “enormous” fortune.

Lisa has recently become interested in purchasing a private jet. So, an airplane interior designer posted a photo and tagged the Instagram account of the youngest member of BLACKPINK. This individual also posted the caption, “I made the plane Lisa purchased.”

YG Entertainment has not yet confirmed this information at this time. Fans believe Lisa has a private jet because she has recently been travelling to numerous destinations secretly, making it easier for her to travel abroad.

Even the youngest member of BLACKPINK may earn money, therefore purchasing a private jet is not difficult.

A few days ago, Soompi made predictions regarding the members of BLACKPINK based on the opinions of experts. Lisa is estimated to have a minimum net worth of 14 million US dollars.

In addition, Thai women’s wealth continues to increase due to the country’s stellar reputation. Lisa is involved in music and television, and she has lucrative contracts with Celine, Bvlgari, MAC, Chivas Regal, and Acme’ De La Vie.

According to Soompi, Lisa‘s salary will not be less than five digits (in USD). People believe the female star earns a minimum of $300,000 every performance and $600,000 per advertising contract.

In addition, the youngest member of BLACKPINK will receive $200,000 every sponsored Instagram post thanks to her 79.2 million followers.

Lisa also owns a residence in Seoul, South Korea. The female idol’s living area is quite contemporary, with white and gray as the primary colors.

Despite the fact that nobody knows how much the house is actually worth, fans cannot stop appreciating certain rooms. Lisa‘s home was furnished with a $30,000 88-inch television, a $8,600 mirror, and numerous contemporary kitchen tables and chairs.

Lisa is 25 years old and has a successful career and a large property. With a salary of at least five figures, it is easy for the audience to comprehend why the youngest member of BLACKPINK is so wealthy.



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