These Female Idols Are Praised By Fans For Being Nice To The Staff

Female idols are praised for treating staff well. 
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Idols always understand that their success has a great contribution from the staff. 

Therefore, many idols build close relationships, always taking care of management staff like family. 

This helps the idol to be loved by everyone and score absolute points with the public.

Wonyoung (IVE)

Wonyoung signed his autograph but still asked if the manager had eaten. 
(Photo: TikTok screenshot @kiki_kikikp)

Recently, netizens passed on the moment of Wonyoung at the stadium. 

In addition to her beautiful appearance and top-notch physique, the female idol group IVE also attracted attention for a lovely act. 

Accordingly, while signing the baseballs, Wonyoung asked the manager if he had eaten.

When she heard the answer no, she immediately took a piece of chicken and gave it to the manager. The action is small, but it shows Wonyoung’s warmth and sophistication. Many fans feel proud of this “baby”.

The female idol took a piece of chicken and gave it to the manager. 
(Photo: TikTok screenshot @kiki_kikikp)

Wonyoung’s sophistication makes the manager laugh happily. 
(Photo: TikTok screenshot @kiki_kikikp)

Wonyoung makes netizens “turn the car” because he is more and more obedient and polite. 
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Jihyo, Mina (TWICE)

Jihyo invited the cameraman to eat baked potatoes. 
(Photo: YouTube screen capture TWICE)

At the end of August 2021, the program Time to Twice: Tdoong Forest aired to help TWICE’s beauties receive full praise. 

Each girl takes a different job and overcomes many challenges. In it, Mina and Jihyo took the spotlight because of their sweet actions.

The 2 girls didn’t have an appointment, but they fed the staff together. Bright, polite Mina went to each cameraman to give cake. 

In particular, Jihyo is also delicate when checking the temperature of the potato before giving it to everyone to enjoy.

Mina comes from a rich but not arrogant background, always polite and kind to everyone. 
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IU and the staff have a close relationship like family. 
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IU is one of the idols who are closest to the staff. 

When she left her old company and transferred to Edam Entertainment, all the staff who had worked with IU continued to accompany her. This makes people extremely surprised and admire IUteam.

Worth mentioning, Edam Entertainment is a fledgling company founded by CEO Bae Jong Han, IU’s manager. 

IU and the staff made a surprise for the manager (who was holding the camera). 
(Image: Screenshot @dlwlrma)

In particular, IU has a close relationship with him. 

She once surprised her manager by organizing a surprise birthday party for him. 

Many people praised her for always being warm and kind to everyone, so she was supported by the staff.


Chungha is famous for being close to the management staff who work together. 
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Chungha also received love from the staff. She used to buy branded gifts to give to her close staff. 

Chungha always treats her staff with kindness and care.

 After each performance stage, she will join the dancers, staff, and manager to take photos backstage. 

The female solo artist buys branded goods as gifts for the staff. 
(Photo: koreaboo)


BLACKPINK is always grateful and treats YG employees well. 
(Photo: The Show)

With BLACKPINK, the 4 girls are invested with a large staff, supporting many areas in art projects.

 To thank the staff for their hard work, BLACKPINK gave them expensive bags from the Prada brand. 

It is known that YG idols spend about 92 million VND to buy gifts for employees including stylist, hair stylist, make up.

The idol’s sweet actions for the staff have scored absolute points in the hearts of fans. 

Not only possessing beautiful beauty, outstanding musical talent, but the idol also has a “golden personality”, always caring and treating people well.

The male staff also love the 4 BLACKPINK girls. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

The female staff members are excited to show off expensive brand bags from BLACKPINK. 
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