Take A Look At BTS V, BLACKPINK Lisa And Park Bo Gum’s Airport Look For Their Trip To France To Attend Celine’s Fashion Show

Lisa, V and Park Bo Gum rioted at the airport, departing for France to attend Celine’s fashion show. 
(Photo: Naver)

On the morning of June 24, the Korean entertainment industry was vibrant with the news that 3 popular stars, BTS V, BLACKPINK Lisa, and Park Bo Gum would go abroad to attend Celine’s fashion show. 

Present at the Incheon national airport, the idols make fans restless with their dynamic and simple fashion style.

Present at the airport early, Park Bo Gum made fans constantly scream with his handsome appearance. 

Park Bo Gum’s outfit is extremely simple but highly effective. 
(Photo: H POP, SPOTV News)

The actor wore a white T-shirt with the “legendary” Celine printed on it, along with jeans and a dark brown sports jacket. 

This outfit helps Park Bo Gum look dynamic and strong, promoting beauty.

Along with this schedule, Park Bo Gum also has his best friend BTS V.

The actor’s beauty has never disappointed fans. 
(Photo: Newsen)

 After BTS announced separate activities during the enlistment period, this is the male idol’s first overseas schedule.

Appearing at the airport, V caused a fever when his face was bare, showing off his CGV beauty. The HYBE Labels male idol wears a white tank top t-shirt, paired with flared jeans, a leopard print tailcoat and high heels. 

Besides, V also cleverly chooses jewelry such as necklaces and watches to increase aesthetics.

V confidently shows off his bare face when appearing at the airport. 
(Photo: MK)

This schedule of close friends V and Park Bo Gum attracted a lot of attention from fans. (Photo: Pinterest)

However, V’s outfit this time disappointed people. 

The male idol’s physique is not fully displayed, moreover, it is inferior. The male idol is completely inferior to the original model.

As Celine’s Global Ambassador, BLACKPINK Lisa also cannot ignore this schedule. 

Lisa wore a crop top showing off her amazing ant waist. 
(Photo: Naver)

Despite being Celine’s Global Ambassador, the youngest member of BLACKPINK dresses very simply. 
(Photo: SPOTV News)

Appearing quite late at the airport, the YG Entertainment beauties dressed simply with a gray crop top showing off her ant waist, leather pants, and accented with a black Celine bag.

Although the outfit is quite simple, Lisa’s outfit costs at least 74 million VND, not including the crop top and bag in the new collection. 

In addition, the youngest member of BLACKPINK is also praised for his friendly greetings to the media and fans and always smiling brightly, transmitting positive energy in each frame.

It is known that Park Bo Gum, V and Lisa will be on a special plane prepared by Celine to fly to France. 

Currently, fans are extremely looking forward to the appearance of all three cult stars at the fashion house’s event.

Fans are constantly admiring the female idol’s surreal body proportions. 
(Photo: News 1)

Lisa is complimented for her politeness and positive energy. 
(Photo: MK)

The costume Lisa wears costs at least 74 million VND. 
(Photo: Instagram @lisastyleid)


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