Rowoon To Not Participate In SF9’s New Album

SF9 Rowoon is not participating in the team’s new album production and activities.

On June 24th, FNC Entertainment, the agency, announced through the official fan cafe, “Rowoon has inevitably been unable to participate in (the team’s) album production and activities.”

The agency explained, “During the long-running album production period, Rowoon faced an unavoidable situation where he had to work on a tight schedule due to the drama shooting schedule.”

He added, “We had a deep discussion about preparing for the next album while finishing the drama as scheduled, and decided that it was right to show a more complete and good side.”

Rowoon started his entertainment career as a member of SF9 in 2016.

Starting with ‘School 2017′ in 2017, he has been strengthening his position as an actor by appearing one after another in dramas such as ‘Extraordinary You‘, and ‘Tomorrow



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