Netizens Shocked at the Price of Luxury Items Kim Tae Hee Received As A Gift From a Jewelry Brand She Endorsed

In past photo shoots, actress Kim Tae Hee was known for the expensive jewelry she wore.

TMI News Show“, an entertainment show on Mnet, put out its list on February 22 under the theme “Star’s Another Level Wear Item“.

According to the broadcast, Kim Tae Hee, who won first place, shot a magazine for one of the most expensive jewelry.

Kim Tae Hee wore 10 billion won worth of jewelry when she went to France at the invitation of a world-class luxury jewelry brand.

So, Kim Tae Hee got a gift of jewelry that can only be found in the world.

There were 13.4-carat diamond rings that cost about 6.3 billion won, 200-million-won sets with earrings and necklaces from the leopard collection, and 60-million-won pieces from another line.



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